19thC Games: Querists

In Chasing the Heiress, the hero Colin amuses Lucy by describing a clever match-making game he suffered through at a dinner.  As I explain in the historical notes at the back of Chasing, I took the questions themselves from the Querist's Album, an immensely popular gift book published by David Bryce from the 1860s to the end of the century. 

But why would I use a set of questions from a Victorian book for a novel set in 1819?

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19thC Games: Solving Rebusses

In Chasing the Heiress, games act as a backdrop to the emerging affection between Colin and Lucy. 

The word games Colin and Lucy play in the carriage with Jennie were called rebusses. 

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Words in their Historical Context

One of my obsessions in writing about the Regency is in making sure I use words that could have been used then. Of course I can't look everything up, but I try to mark words that give me pause.

I find out fascinating things--both about words I can't use and the words I can.

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New Inventions in 1819!

Ever heard of the ‘Patent Accelerator; or the Walking Expedition’? 

In 1819, the new invention was all the rage. Using it on London streets was even prohibited by law. 

But what was the Accelerator? And what did it do?

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Forgery in the Early 19thC

In Jilting the Duke, the villain Charters hides forged bank notes in Lady Wilmot's possessions, then calls the magistrates to search her property.

The situation was a serious one: having forged notes in one’s possession was as much of a crime as forging them.

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Botanical Pleasures

In Jilting the Duke, the heroine Sophia Wilmot is a botanist and a botanical illustrator.

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Winter fashions at Paris, 1819

The winter of 1818-19 was a mild one, but that didn't stop fashionable Parisians from sporting fur on outdoor excursions.

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