What books do you keep on your 'keeper' shelf?

You know, those books you can't seem to put in the pile for the Friends of the Library sale--or the ones that if you give a copy to a friend, you find yourself buying another one...because you missed having it.

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Fashionable Colors in 1819: Nakara

I’m fascinated by what colors women (and men) had available to them in the early part of the 19thC. Even more so, I'm interested in how they described the colors.

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Pulverized bones, chalk, and fuller’s earth: Regency food additives.

Ever wondered what else might be in Regency foods?

While the Board of Excise would prosecute persons selling adulterated foods, the sorts of things that Regency profiteers put in the foods they produced ranged from dirts to acids to wood pulp or bone.

Those who altered food or drink did so for several reasons:

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Regency color, a royal marriage, and york flame

In my last blog post, I identified nakara as a dark red poppy color. But its history is somewhat more interesting than I suggested. Here's the story of a royal marriage and a color, drawn from some rather disparate pieces of evidence.

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Words in their Historical Contexts: Analyst

Today the word analyst conjures two images.

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