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Words without Music: The Problem of Regency Songs

What are you humming? Right now. Is it an earworm or a song that you love?

So much of our lives is bound up in song. The lullabies our parents and grandparents sang to us as children—the songs we sing our own. The songs we dance to. The songs we identify with particular lovers and friends. The songs that give us hope or wrench our hearts. If you are like me, almost any occasion reminds me of snippets of songs or lyrics.

Sadly, when we read regency or other historical romances, we can’t hear the music.

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19thC Reform : Elizabeth Fry 

What Elizabeth Gurney Fry (1780-1845) saw when she first visited Newgate Prison in 1813 was horrific. 

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Music in History 1

Music plays an important role in my October release, Tempting the Earl

And here’s some historical music for you: the oldest recorded song!

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19th Contexts: Reform and John Howard

I love reading—and writing—historical fiction. I love discovering new things I didn’t know about our shared past, and I love learning about historical figures who have shaped our modern values…even when we have forgotten their names and their stories. 

In my novels, these stories form a backdrop for our heroine and her hero: a set of ideas that resonate in the wings (to use a theater metaphor), while, on stage, the couple find each other and their happily-ever-after.

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August 23, 1819: Byron and other Writers

Books and the book trade play an important role in the Muses’ Salon. In Jilting the Duke, Sophia, Lady Wilmot works on her late husband’s books, finding a publisher and seeing them through the press. In Tempting the Earl (coming in October!!), Olivia (Walgrave’s wife) keeps her life as a journalist secret, and she collaborates with Constance Equiano (Sophia’s bookseller) to finish a task her late father-in-law left her. 

All of which led me to today’s blog post … What was published today in 1819?

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19thC Time and Travel

In Chasing the Heiress, Colin and Lucy spend perhaps half the book on the road. And by our measures, they don't even travel very far!

Colin begins his journey in Holywell and meets up with Lucy outside Shrewsbury, then by a rather circuitous path, the two continue on toward London.

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